For any retail store, effective light sources are required to make the space visible and highlight the products of a store. Lighting to choose is a major part of merchandising strategy as a good lighting guides customer to key areas of your space, sets the ambiance, and can even draw people through your doors and keep them engaged and shopping longer.

Types of lights could be needed as per the requirement – for examples, Spotlights are used to highlight promotional products, and different lighting levels are used to create contrast, mood and drama within a store. Other type of lights can be used to help re-enforce corporate brand colours or marketing campaigns. Lighting certain products with a specific colour temperature has been proven to increase sales.

RLT believes that lighting retail outlets is an art, but there is also a lot of science and research behind it. Good lighting helps to attract the purchaser’s eye to products, present products at their best and increase revenue while an inadequate lighting can not only reduce sales and footfall but also staff retention.

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